I'm Patrick Bird, lead consultant at InterActive Performance Management.
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Want to get your business working to its full potential?

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Delivering results that lasts

InterActive delivers training with impact and provides learning that really makes a lasting difference.

I work with teams and individuals using interactive techniques designed to equip people with practical tools and behaviours that will transform performance across the organisation.

Is InterActive different?

Every training company can say that they’re different.  So what makes InterActive stand out from the crowd?

Well, here are three things for starters:

  • I coach, train and facilitate using experiential learning so people will see a situation through and take action to achieve the outcome they want, rather than just learn the principles in theory.
  • I use a technique called Forum Theatre to help people see a situation in a more focused way, stop that scene and then play it out differently.
  • I use situational coaching to give people the experience of an unfamiliar conversation or circumstance ahead of time, in a safe environment. That means they’re more than prepared to handle a situation when it matters.

What you can expect

If you work with InterActive, your business will experience the following important benefits:

  • Dramatically improved efficiency and performance
  • Increased motivation and collaboration in your team
  • Increased profitability
  • Retention of key staff

Your people will take away advice and tools to make changes that will actually happen. They will emerge with a new focus and commitment to give you the results you want.

Does that sound good? Do you want to make it happen?


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