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About Me

Who I am

I’m Patrick Bird, Lead Consultant at InterActive Performance Management.

I have over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world at board level as a Finance Director and Project Director. For the last 12 years I’ve worked as a coach, trainer and facilitator in behavioural skills development.

I’m also a trained stage actor, which helps me to deliver coaching in a very practical and engaging way.


What I do

I show people how changing their behaviour can transform an entire organisation.

I deliver experiential learning that helps companies and individuals address a key need in their business – such as:

–       Communication

–       Leadership

–       Team Building

–       Strategy

–       Presentation and impact

These are critical skills that affect so many key areas of a business.

I’ve been where you are now and I can help you manage these ‘make or break’ situations effectively and efficiently.


How I can help

So, where do we start? You’re here because you know there’s a bottleneck in your business.

I can help you identify steps that will remove the issues, as well as turning theory into a day to day reality.

Many factors stifle growth and productivity in a business, but it probably boils down to a combination of politics, paperwork, preconceived ideas and people. I can help you address all these areas and bring about lasting change.

In business, we all have to plan for and manage difficult situations, and that’s just one of the areas where you’ll feel a huge benefit of working with me. People management isn’t a natural skill. We all have to learn how to bring out the best in others, manage their expectations and communicate effectively. It’s all too easy to assume how an individual wants to be managed – and that’s on a good day. How about on a bad day? Or during a time of change or restructure?

As an individual it’s always tempting to jump in without planning for a situation. I can help bring out the absolute best in people and ensure that they are prepared, aware of all aspects of a situation, and equipped to handle it professionally.


Trust me, I’m an actor

My clients often feel daunted at the prospect of ‘living’ a situation – acting it out ahead of time – especially in front of their peers. But when you’re working with someone who is not only highly trained, experienced and practiced in their trade but is also a performer the fear disappears pretty quickly in a safe environment.

Using two particular psychometric testing systems, I can also help individuals better understand their own characteristics and choose the best techniques to use in a situation to manage conflict or adjustment.


No challenge is too big

It may be that you have no choice but to downsize and let good people go. Or it may be that you’re going through some changes and don’t want your most effective and trained people to leave. Whatever the situation, I can help you to plan for it, manage it and achieve the best outcome – for your business, your people and the bottom line.

Often, the biggest link missing in a business is energy and enthusiasm. I have bags of both, and will make sure that it rubs off during our sessions.

If you want to talk everything through in detail, do get in touch with me.


It was refreshing to take part in a training session that allowed us to put the theory into practice” – Claire at The Co-Operative.


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