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Articles and Resources

Communication Excellence DVDs – InterActive at Home

Communication Excellence underpins everything we do, it’s also the title of our new initiative – a set of DVD’s supporting all our programmes.  You can use them as a stand-alone introduction to the subject or a way to consolidate learning – they’re comprehensive, provide extensive feedback and coaching coverage, and are superb value for money.

Launched with “Handling Difficult Conversations” – this DVD is proving a popular cost-effective tool enabling you to learn at your own pace: watching, listening and practicing you’ll quickly develop the skills necessary to deal with awkward conversations. The result?

  • Improved relationships
  • Reduced stress
  • A more collaborative culture (as opposed to confrontational)

Maximum impact with minimum budget – at only £67 + VAT this DVD improves performance, motivation and commitment.

“This is a practical and entertaining resource. It takes the viewer through a series of conversations, linked within a coherent narrative, that highlight the skills required for handling a variety of tricky dynamics. The tips offered are clear and applicable. Very useful.”
Dr Jonathan Wyatt, Head of Professional Development, Oxford Learning Institute, University of Oxford

Due to popular demand we are developing a number of other DVDs including:

  • Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Influencing
  • Impact
  • Presentation
  • Storytelling
Contact us now for more information or to talk to a consultant. Call us on + 44 (0) 1235 534094 or send us an email.

“The Handling Difficult Conversations DVD is a great learning resource for the individual and the training and development professional. I enjoyed the story based style of the DVD and was impressed with the depth of feedback and coaching on the skills needed to handle the difficult conversation. At £67, the DVD represents excellent value for a development resource that can be used many times to refresh and consolidate learning.”
Richard Edwards, Head of People Development, Siemens plc UK

Video Material

Part one Distorted Messages – Communicating in a world of distortion

What are some of the key factors that distort messages we may give and receive to each other.


Part two Distorted Messages – The ARC of distortion

How do we fill the gaps between the goal of our message and what was actually sent and received


Part three Distorted Messages – Clarification, Feedback, Questioning & Listening

Making sure you ask the right questions, listen actively and clarify the answer


Part four Distorted Messages – Congruent Body Language

How Congruent are your words and body language to deliver a clear message



The Secrets of a Perfect Meeting

The Secrets of a Perfect Meeting

The Voice Thames Valley Chamber

Guide to making an effective sales pitch

Handling Difficult Conversations

Handling Difficult Conversations

Building Sustainable relationships in project teams

Building Sustainable relationships in project teams