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Experiential Learning

What is experiential learning?

Think about experiential learning as growing a person from the inside, as opposed to conventional teaching and training that transfers capability into a person from the outside.

Experiential learning is determined and controlled by the individual in order to achieve personal development and growth, whereas conventional training and teaching tend to be designed and delivered by an organisation to develop the capabilities (usually knowledge and/or skills) of a group of people, necessary to meet organisational needs or to achieve a known measurable standard or qualification.


Experiential learning is a powerful way to address individual growth and potential, which is commonly a much neglected approach to teaching and developing people of all ages.

Experiential learning is adaptable for individual style, preferences, strengths, direction, etc. Consequently it is more likely than conventional prescribed training or teaching to produce positive emotional effects such as confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of personal value and purpose.

People need learning which is adaptable for them as individuals. Traditional prescriptive teaching and training tends to focus on external needs – either those of the organisation, or in order to pass exams or gain qualifications.


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