I'm Patrick Bird, lead consultant at InterActive Performance Management.
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InterActive Coaching

Bringing Theory to Life

Fast-track breakthroughs that achieve those Eureka moments of understanding faster than any other intervention for you, your team and your organisation.

Working with InterActive you will:

  • Reflect on your current situation, gain clarity and identify skill gaps
  • Set goals and targets for improvement
  • Successfully achieve your objectives
  • Improve your leadership and communication skills through interactive learning
  • Become re-energised, motivated and renew commitment, which resonates way beyond yourself into your team and organisation.

InterActive Coaching encourages sustainable behavioural change supporting continuous improvement programmes and individuals through periods of change, making it a highly cost effective stand alone investment.

When combined with structured training sessions your potential knowledge retention and productivity improves by as much as 80%.

The Process:

I work alongside you to explore and identify the issues. I have an impressive selection of techniques in my portfolio to suit your particular needs, and the process is consistently energetic, powerful and relevant:

  • From mentoring to role play, simulation and impromptu skills based coaching, I question, listen and challenge
  • With communication based skills such as presentations, impact, voice and body language you will be able to practice within a safe environment and receive constructive feedback.
  • All of the interventions are based on interactive learning, the most powerful and effective way to enhance retention and ensure outcomes are realised and sustained.

My unique interactive approach brings clarity, renewed enthusiasm and the long-lasting results that you want for you and your organisation. I bring theory to life.

Why me?

My extensive corporate experience, acting and coaching qualifications together inform my understanding of the complexities within your business and the flexibility of my approach. The result? I consistently deliver innovative, inspiring and effective bespoke coaching that achieves excellence.

Contact me now for more information. Call me on + 44 (0)1235 534094 or send me an email.