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InterActive Facilitation

Sourcing and mobilising the excellence within your organisation to guarantee successful transitions.

Whether the change you are experiencing is concerned with strategy planning, budgets, reorganisation, redundancy or merger and acquisition, InterActive can help you manage it quickly and successfully.
I have the experience to recognise the excellence within your team and the expertise to facilitate their ownership of the process. My unique interactive approach ensures your team actively recognise the possibilities for growth from change, contribute ideas and solutions to the challenges it poses, and with our guidance they take active control of the change process maximising the speed, success and duration of the transition.

The outcome for you is excellence:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • A motivated and dedicated team actively working towards your goal
  • Successful implementation of the transition which saves you money.

With me facilitating team meetings, negotiations or steering groups your team identify the best way forward quickly and efficiently. Take a look at some of the ways I can help you ensure efficient change management and your future success.

I facilitate team meetings and steering groups to:

  • To source the great ideas your team have
  • Pinpoint the solutions your people identify
  • Help put them into a timed plan for implementation

During Re-organisation and Mergers I will:

  • Bring together new teams
  • Provide an open environment conducive to voicing concerns and expectations
  • Facilitate understanding across the group
  • Install the building blocks necessary to create a cohesive and communicative team that ensures your success in the future.

Change is inevitable. Managed in an open and expert way resistance is minimised and benefits realised fast and effectively. InterActive Facilitation is the quickest and most efficient route to successful transitions brought about by your people and for your people – the only way to guarantee positive and enduring change.

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