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InterActive Workshops

Highly interactive, thought provoking and innovative sessions delivering tangible results for you and your organisation.

InterActive techniques provide a deep learning experience that ignite your interest and effectively equip you with the essential communication skills you want. I flex my style to suit your requirements and deliver and facilitate absorbing and lively sessions – bringing theory to life.

InterActive Workshops – Helping you achieve communication excellence in the following ways:

Questioning and Listening

In this session explore the theory then do it. Clarity, insight, and understanding come from practicing the skills with our coaches who provide feedback on the spot in a mutually respectful environment.  This unique style of learning ensures you achieve your goals quickly and sustainably. Some topics you might cover are:

  • Actively listening to get to the key issues
  • Asking the right, incisive or sequential questions to encourage the response you want
  • Rehearsing techniques with our coaches to perfect your skills.


How accomplished do you feel when engaging in persuasive communication? Getting people on board to your way of thinking is a skill you can learn it’s not an innate ability. Working with InterActive coaches you:

  • Learn about influencing styles and types
  • Work out which you are and how to recognise others
  • Practice them – including which style to use with others
  • Get feedback
  • Practice again – until you feel confident with putting the theory into practice.


First impressions count. We all know this but do you know what impact you make when you go into a room? Learning about impact you will:

  • Get constructive feedback on the impression you make
  • Explore your body language, voice, and language, linking them all to create a congruent and powerful impact
  • Spend time practicing these techniques to perfection.


Learning the techniques and strategies involved with giving presentations, you will gain the confidence and skills to ensure your message is heard, believed and remembered every time.  Working with me in this session you will:

  • Receive constructive feedback in the moment, and a more detailed review of your presentations from DVD recordings.
  • Learn and practice voice projection
  • Ensure your body language and words are delivering a congruent message
  • Explore visual aids and become an expert in their use.

Finally. . .

The key to all of my workshops is the practice and feedback that occur in the moment. With expert guidance and peer support, feedback informs of your progress and ensures you achieve your goals quickly, effectively and sustainably. These workshops are fun and effective, and fuelled by dedication, enthusiasm and expertise – the key to my success and yours.

InterActive Performance Management can provide workshops for individuals or groups – I offer flexibility, integrity and diamond-standard learning. My strategies are innovative, performance based, enjoyable and they work.

Contact me now for more information. Call me on + 44 (0) 1235 534094 or send me an email.